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Who We Are

Fenco was established in August 2005. Bert Evert started the Fire Consultancy Firm specialising in Rational Fire Designs. The main aim is to develop products to satisfy both the aesthetic architectural demands and the rather rigid fire regulations.

Fenco Fire Engineering (Pty) Ltd was driven under the guidance of its main members
Bert Evert & Alwyn de Klerk. Bert and Alwyn both come from a background of a collective experience of 54 years in the Fire Safety and the Fire Services. Bert is registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa with registration number: 2012703291




Our Team

Our team is ready to consult.

/ Bert Evert

Bert held from the most junior to eventually one of the most senior officer’s positions in the Fire Emergency Services. Fire operations, fire training, fire safety and communication systems formed part of his responsibilities and activities. He also lectured Fire Fighting, Fire prevention and Fire Safety to the National Diploma Safety Management RSA Technicon students. He also served on the SAESI Training Committee for creation and its new curricula. Total fire protection experience to date: 30 years Qualifications ECSA registered Fire Engineer 2012 70 329 Pr Tech Eng NDIP Fire Technology Chairperson of FEASA (Fire Engineers Association of SA)

/ Alwyn De Klerk

He started working as a fireman in Westonaria in 1993. He later moved to Roodepoort Fire department in 1994. In 2005 he spend a year working for a company contracted to the United Nations in providing all airport related fire services to UN flights in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Responsibilities included fire operations, training, communications and running of a shift. He is currently a Fire Consultant in the employment of FENCO since 2006 and has been advising on fire related matters for a wide variety of facilities. Total fire protection experience to date: 24 years Qualifications Higher Certificate in Fire Technology

/ Riaan Cloete

Riaan joined Fenco Fire Engineering in November of 2015.
He started at the Roodepoort Fire Department in 1993. He
was also the co-founder of RIGA K9 Search and Rescue, a
non-profit search and rescue organisation that assist local
authorities in wilderness and disaster search and rescue with
the aid of search dogs.
Total fire protection experience to date: 24 years
Graduate Diploma in Fire Engineering and Fire Safety (IFE)
FEASA member in the process of registering as a Fire Systems

/ Louis Ströh

Louis joined Fenco in 2016 after graduating from CTU Training Solutions. He is hard working and likes to learn new things. He has a passion for the outdoors and likes to travel. He is working as a Draughtsman for Fenco. Qualifications International Certificate in Computer Aided Draughting and Design.

/ Nicole Slabber

Nicole joined FENCO in February 2015 is a SAID registered Draughter. Her experience includes Fire reticulation, fire components, building plans etc. She specialises in programs such as AutoCad, Revit and Inventor. Total experience to date: 3 years Qualifications International Certificate in Computer Aided Draughting and Design.